We don know if he the hero or anti hero until halfway through

Anyway, the Wisdom gish uses Wisdom for attack rolls with unarmed strikes and adds Wisdom to AC when unarmored. At level 12 he qualifies for the Djinni Style feat and is ready with a shocking enchantment for his fists. On the Nature Fang side he is sure to spend at least one of his slayer talents on the Unarmed ranger combat style, to pick up Monastic Legacy, to increase his damage dice.

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Canada Goose Parka “Offie is ineffective because wrist spinners have brought in Googly and Chinaman and ousted him,” explained Legbreak, flightily. Leggie was a real doozy, always dipping on batsmen and fooling them when he was not ripping past the edge. But more than resent his frenemy Offie, he was jealous of his own cousin Googly, who invariably got wickets and was called a surprise weapon Canada Goose Parka.

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