Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a store that I can visit? 
Currently, Mattie Luxe is only offered on our website. If you are local you may visit us at our showroom. If you are interested in selling our product, please contact us.
Where are you located?
Mattie Luxe is located in Encino, CA.  If you are local, orders may be picked up in Encino.
What are the placemats made of?

The placemats are made of a very heavy laminate with the design on both sides.  
Can I order placemats without personalization?
Absolutely.  Just pick pick your colors and in the comments section state that you would like no personalization on the placemats.

Can I place an order over the phone?
Absolutely! We accept both phone and web orders and we love helping people by phone. If you have questions or just want a little help with your order, please don’t hesitate to call.
Do you make custom designs?
Yes. If there is a design that you don’t see, but would like, we can create it for you. A small cost may be charged for this depending on the design. Also, if there is a color you would like that you don’t see, it can be done.
If there is a design on the site and I don’t see the color combination that I want, or I see it for another design, can it be done?
Absolutely. All of the designs can be done in any color combination that you would like. If you don’t see it under a particular design that you want, please put it in the comments section.
What is the proper monogram etiquette?
For a single person it should be first name initial, last name initial in center which should be larger, and middle name initial last.
Samantha Taylor Hrncir
If you want to do all the initials the same size you would do first name, middle name and last name
For a married female, first name initial first, last name initial in the center, maiden name initial last.
Andrea Schulhof Hrncir
For a married couple, wife’s first name initial first, last name initial in center, and husband’s first name initial last.
Andrea and Gregg Hrncir
Do you send proofs?
Proofs are only provided if you specifically request it in the comments section, or if you call us.
Do you offer volume discounts?
Please call us to inquire.